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About Us

Bestrates last minute accommodation is an online marketplace where you can find great deals on accommodation throughout Australia and New Zealand.
The way it works is very simple.
Hotels have high fixed costs and it is better for them to have a room occupied at a cheap rate than to have an empty room. We can offer their surplus rooms, which would otherwise be vacant, at excellent prices. The hotels are happy because they have filled a room, the customers are happy because they have got a great deal. Everyone's happy!
Here are three great reasons to try Bestrates!
  1. It'll save you heaps. There are some great deals and packages, whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, with colleagues, family or on your own.
  2. It's so simple. Booking online with Bestrates is really quick and easy. Simply decide where to go, give us a few brief details and you can be assured that your booking is confirmed.
  3. We cover Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you want to go in our vast country, Bestrates is sure to have a bargain just up your street.

Who are we?

This Bestrates hotel booking service is operated by Australian Online Travel Pty Ltd, ABN 17 105 135 331, a real company staffed by real people. Our aim is to combine great offers and fabulous service.

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